Cloudways Web Hosting Review 2023

Although cloud-based web hosting services are already widespread, Cloudways stands out in the expanding sector with a number of unique things it does with its cloud hosting.

You may choose from five different platforms, including Google Cloud platform and Amazon Web Services, and it provides cost-effective pay-as-you-go options.

You can even sign up for a trial run without having to use a credit card. Its absence of features like domain registration and built-in email somewhat lessens its luster. But it’s still worthwhile to think about this fantastic cloud hosting service.


  • Easy setup.
  • Excellent uptime.
  • Several apps supported.
  • Offers many account tiers that are flexible.
  • Pay-as-you-go plans.
  • Free trial before signing up.
  • Site cloning.


  • No ability to register a domain.
  • Email comes at an additional cost.

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Getting Started

Cloudways, in comparison to the majority of web hosting providers, enables you to create a website without investing any money.

It’s a great touch that you may register for a three-day trial account by entering your username and password or by connecting in using your Google, Github, or LinkdedIn credentials.

You must choose a content management system (CMS) from a number of well-known and reputable sources after logging in, including:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Media Wiki
  • Joomla
  • PHP Stack
  • Koken
  • Pretashop

As you can see, Cloudways offers a ton of flexibility.

Additionally, you have a variety of infrastructure-as-a-service options from which to choose when choosing a server, including:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • DigitalOcean
  • Stackpath
  • Vultr
  • Linode

Additionally, you choose from a number of server sites spread out around the nation.


Cloud Hosting Plans

To balance the demand on your website, Cloudways makes use of the resources of numerous clustered servers; it makes no use of the more conventional shared, dedicated and VPS options.

Instead, a number of hourly, pay-as-you-go cloud hosting options are available from the firm, and you only pay for the time that you actually use.

For instance, if you cancel a plan after 10 days have passed in a month, you will only be charged for the 10 days of hosting that you used.

Even if you cancel only one week into the cycle, hosting companies like DreamHost and HostGator charge you for the whole month. Cloudways also provides standard monthly pricing.

Starting at $10 per month for 25GB of storage, 1TB of monthly data transfers, 1GB of RAM, and a single-core processor, the monthly web hosting options go up to $1,035 per month (includes 192 GB of RAM, 32 core processor, 3840GB of storage, 12TB of month data transfers.)

The premium offering surpasses the most potent dedicated server options from several web hosting.

In actuality, Liquid Web, which supports SMBs and allows you equip a server with a mind-blowing 512GB of RAM, and Cloudways’ top-tier specifications are more comparable.

The abovementioned plans start at little more than $0.01 and grow up to a little more than $1.43 if you choose hourly billing.


Some Omissions

Sadly, Cloudways does not provide domain registration; as a result, you must purchase a domain through NameCheap or another supplier.

Another drawback with URLs is that it is difficult to direct that bought URL to your hosting configuration due to the odd back end design of Cloudways.

After looking over the web instructions, connecting the connections wasn’t too difficult for me, but a beginner would find the procedure challenging.

In addition, if customers have to travel somewhere else just to get started, I can absolutely see people simply never returning, unless they’re really set on using Cloudways.

Another point to consider is the service’s email provision, as none of Cloudways’ plans provide email addresses.

Instead, Cloudways and RackSpace require you to pay $1 for each email account every month for your email service.

Depending on your demands, that can turn out to be expensive.

Even in the most basic plans, the majority of other web providers provide at minimum some level of service.

Building a Website

Even though Cloudways lacks some of the standard web hosting components, creating a website is still a reasonably simple process.

My preferred CMS while testing was WordPress, and the service set up a server in only seven minutes.

I used my Cloudways login information to log in, choose a theme, modify how posts and pages looked, and upload photos. It went off without a hitch.

This specific WordPress version is of the managed sort, so your installation gets the white-glove treatment by automatically upgrading the CMS, running automatic daily backups, and offering WordPress-specific security and real-time site monitoring

Additionally, Cloudways offers helpful one-click cloning (so you can easily make copies of your servers and apps) and staging areas. (Allowing you to test things without actually making them live on your website)

Customers can use Cloudways to independently watch over the servers’ hosted apps.

The two elements of this application-level monitoring are Analytics and Logs.

Analytics shows disk use, PHP queries, MySQL requests, and traffic data.

On the other side, logs display the access log and problem log for your website.


E-Commerce and Security

Numerous e-commerce technologies, including as the well-known Magento and Prestashop platforms, are available in the Cloudways app store.

We used Magento to quickly and easily drag and drop website pieces to create an appealing store.

In terms of security, Cloudways experts protect your installation from threats by releasing frequent firmware and operating system upgrades as a managed cloud hosting platform.

Also provided for free by Cloudways are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates, which are crucial for data security if you intend to sell anything.

Additionally, for increased security, the suggested Rackspace email includes authentication features such as SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail).

Excellent Uptime

One of the most crucial features of any hosting service is website uptime.

Customers or clients cannot discover you or buy your goods or services if your website is down, and they may not use you again.

I’m pleased to announce that Cloudways has excellent uptime.

I monitored the uptime of my test website hosted by Cloudways using a website monitoring tool for this testing.

The program pings my website once every 15 minutes, and if it can’t connect for more than a minute, it emails me.

Over each site’s evaluation, we look at the statistics for the past 30 days.

Cloudways performed really well in my most recent tests. It didn’t even go down once, in fact.


Customer Service

You may reach someone at any time since Cloudways provides customer assistance that is available around-the-clock.

But there’s a catch, if you want to speak to a live person.

To make a phone or Skype call request, you must complete out a form.

You may also use web chat to communicate with a customer support agent.

You can then receive responses right away. I never had to wait longer than a couple of seconds for a Cloudways representative to respond to one of my chat inquiries.

Also very informed is the crew. I received appropriate information from the members on the distinctions between tradition and cloud hosting, as well as the company’s payment plan.

A primer on infrastructure as a service was also given to me.

The normal 30-90 day money-back guarantee offered by the majority of other web providers is not part of Cloudways’ refund policy.

In fact, Cloudways’ customer care staff merely sent me to this page because the structure is so in-depth.

There is a lot to take in.

An Excellent, Focused Web Host

There are several positive aspects of Cloudways. The provider offers customizable cloud hosting packages, quick setup times, outstanding uptime, and first-rate web-based customer assistance.

You may rely on this business to maintain your website accessible to the services that provide those products.

The unusual method of speaking with a customer support representative over the phone won’t be liked by everyone.

Give Cloudways a shot, though, if those limitations are not a deal-breaker.

You can see that it provides all you want to launch and maintain your website.


Cloudways uses strong servers to provide web hosting that is powerful, economical, and simple to set up.

However, it does not provide email or domain registration.

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